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4 Tips to choosing a roofing contractor for your industrial or manufacturing property

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Choosing a proper commercial roofer means a lot for building of any purpose, from a dwelling home to an industrial or manufacturing facility. The roof protects the structure from precipitation, sunlight, and other environmental factors.

Its quality determines the safety of the construction. That’s why the proper roofer choice is essential. You need someone qualified for the job, knowing all the intricacies of different areas and the most suitable materials for them. They have to know how to protect your facility in the best way and for a reasonable price. 

The latter is very important since a roof is a considerable investment. Making it reasonable yet high-quality is the key.

1: Find Out the Actual Cost of the Project

When looking for a roofing contractor, make sure you know the full cost of the project beforehand. Even if there’s a price list on the website of the company, there are most likely other fees you will find out about later on.

Many businesses offer a free quote to everyone considering hiring their specialists. Use this option, but also contact the contractor to see if there are any other fees you don’t know about.

You need to know the full cost of the project to make sure the investment is justified.

2: Check Online Reviews and Reputation

Make sure you find independent sources like Trustpilot to look for reviews of the company of your interest. Official website testimonials are always positive. Companies are trying to build trust in such a way. However, you need to know what different customers think. See our Google Reviews here.

Maybe there are pitfalls you should know about or discuss beforehand like hidden fees.

3: Check for Licensing and Certification

Proper licensing and certification are must-haves for any commercial roofer. These documents show that the company is allowed to perform installation and repairs and that the people on the team are qualified.

The choice of material, the quality of work, the design all matter safety-wise. They also may bring a great financial benefit or a complete disaster. So, don’t hesitate to ask for official documentation. And if the company representatives act strangely when you do, maybe it’s time to consider another contractor.

You can also find out such information by contacting the Department of Professional Regulations of your city or state.

4: Ask About Their Insurance

Ask to show the Certificate of Insurance that’s in effect at the moment. Check if it will be during the work on your project. Roofing is a difficult task to perform, so damage to the building or interior may happen, not to mention the workers. You need to be sure the contractor has proper insurance to compensate for injuries or damage. It’s also important that the certificate complies with the requirements of the city or state.

These four tips should make it possible to find a great roofer that will use proper materials for your facility and have an appropriate work ethic. Don’t settle for less! There are hundreds of commercial roofers to choose from.

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